Art For Humans And Insects

sculptures in concrete that incorporate plastic debris and video. they create speculative constellations.

My art is a reflection of social conditions. And these are not structured by democracy and accessibility, but by exclusion and hierarchy, by incomprehensibility and disempowerment, and not least by money and its fetishisation. In general art is weak and not suitable for manipulating needs. But it can reflect its own conditions and present them to its environment: these are always social conditions.

Haus am Meer

The cryptids decided that such space is irreducible and not transitory and that it exists as long as they are alive. They mean neither conceptual space nor space given by our senses they mean connections.

Lykabettus Sculpture Park

Standing 277 meters above sea level, Lycabettus Hill is the highest point of Athens.

Urban Gardening

Kerameikos, Athens

BRUNÅKRA sovande främling

In Swedish we use the word rymdvarelser which in German would be weltraumkreaturen for what in english would be aliens. But aliens means literally främling in Swedish or fremder in German. While rymdvarelser or weltraumkreaturen simply implies that the descripted creature belongs to space it doesn’t say if it’s known to us or not. If you want to meet real life rymdvarelser or weltraumkreaturen you don’t have to search for long. They are already all around you, living on this lonely outpost in space called earth. David Bowie knew this, that we’re all strangers living in space. Alien for one another. Främling or fremder, extra terrestrial or not. 

Gustaf Grapengiesser